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What is Barter?
Barter is an excellent way to get the new clients you need to grow your business. Barter can help you utilize your products and services more accurately. Barter allows you to purchase some of the products and services you need for your business without spending the cash out of pocket.

Why Barter?
In our economy, Barter is thriving as a form of commerce. According to recent trade reports there are over 250,000 companies in the United States trading seven billion dollars in goods and services through barter exchanges.

What are the advantages of using Barter?
Save your cash by trading your product or service to pay for what you want/need. Barter works because you get new business and keep your existing cash paying customers. The real cost of products you buy on trade is the wholesale price it costs you to produce what you gave in trade.

Doing Good Business!
Happy barter customers will recommend cash paying customers as well as other barter customers. Barter clients bypass your competitors and seek you out because they also want the advantages. Barter customers pay retail price, so you get the full value of your product or service. You never have to worry about credit, cash flow, or collecting debts because you receive instant payment.

Why Use Trade/Barter Exchange?
There are many reasons why you should use a Trade/barter Exchange. The most basic reason is that barter is their fundamental business. You can represent yourself in court to handle your legal matters, but you hire an attorney. You might be able to take out your own appendix, but you go to a surgeon. Why? Well, simply because they have the training and skills to accomplish these tasks more effectively and you really don't want to spend the time and energy required to learn these skills. Therefore, it is worth emplying them to perform these services for you. Barter is the same, you certainly can do-it-yourself, but wouldn't you rather employ professionals who have been trained in the skills of effective barter?

A quality Trade/Barter exchange gives you access to a wide range of skilled professionals who work for you to help you maximize your barter business. The benefits you will find will outweigh the fee's you will pay for services.

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