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National Barter Links
Affiliated Business Commonwealth
Alpha Omega Network
American Barter Exchange
American Commerce Exchange
American Trade Exchange
Ameritrade Business Exchange
Art of Barter, Inc.
Baltimore Trade Exchange
Barter Advantage
Barter Association National Currency
Barter Brokers - Arizona
Barter Brokers International, Inc.
Barter Business Exchange
Barter Business Network
Barter Business Unlimited
Barter Buys
Barter Consultants
Barter Depot, Inc.
Barter Express Corporation Ltd. (Australia)
Barter Systems, Inc.
Barter Depot
Business Trade Exchange
California Barter Exchange
Continental Trade Exchange
Crescent City Trade
Eagle Barter Exchange
Greenapple Barter Services
Illinois Trade Association
International Barter Exchange
Kansas Trade Exchange
Malibu Exchange
Merchants Exchange
Metro Trading Association
Midwest Business Exchange, Ltd.
Mississippi Barter Exchange
National Association of Trade Exchanges
National Commerce Exchange
National Commercial Exchange
New England Trade, Inc.
North American Barter Exchange, Ltd.
Obvious Choices
Olde Vermont Trading Company
RTE, Inc.
Southern Barter Exchange
TeleTrade International Inc.
The Allan Hackel Organization
The Barter Company
The Barter Group
Trade American Card
Trade Exchange of America
Trade Systems Interchange
Trade Team USA
Trade USA
TradeSource, Arizona
TradeSource, Florida
Tradewins Canada, Inc.
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San Diego Barter Links
Merchants Exchange
BXI San Diego
Quality Barter
Barter Professionals
Itex San Diego
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