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Are you a company with perishable inventories like hotel rooms, media inventory or time/market sensitive products such as theme parks, ski resorts, seat availability in the travel industry? If you answered yes, call us and receive a free evaluation of how your company can profit with VIP Barter! If you answered no, click on our “Links” tab above to find a retail barter company near you..

VIP Barter is a specialist in corporate barter. We have built a reputation that is synonymous with quality and reliability - we coordinate the distribution of your “unsold inventory” through our clients and affiliate barter offices nationally.

We only barter your “unsold inventory” and we help you maximize your cash business and become more efficient.

The following is an example of how hotels lose money every day, every week and every year:
A San Diego hotel's average occupancy rate is 79%. With a typical property having approximately 200 rooms that leaves 42 rooms per night as non-revenue generating. If the average room rate is $150, this property will loose $6,300 every day or $44,100 every week or $176,400 every month equaling approximately $2,116,800 every year. OUCH! Once lost, there is no way to recover that potential business or what those additional funds could have accomplished - facility upgrades, employee incentives, advertising programs to increase occupancy rates, owner's/investors profits, etc. Over a period of years this loss is staggering!
VIP Barter specializes in turning your company's “unsold, perishable inventory" into "revenue generating assets." VIP Barter excels in converting your potential loss into a media purchase (radio, TV, billboards, newspapers, magazines) that will advertise your property and generate additional “cash!” Think about this concept for a moment: VIP Barter turns your “unsold, perishable inventory” into advertising to increase your occupancy rate by increasing your exposure to your client base! We convert your loss into an avenue that generates more business! Can it get any better than this?
Let’s reverse the industries - radio, TV, billboards, newspapers, magazines – convert your “unsold, space inventory” into hotel rooms to use in business, promotions, employee incentives, cash conversion, etc. Turn your” unsold inventories” into cash generation and expense savings!
Corporate barter is an underutilized revenue-generating vehicle.

Call VIP Barter now and receive a free evaluation of how your company can benefit from corporate barter.
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